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Our Part In Transforming the Death Care Industry
Digital Marketing Success In Healthcare
Bringing An 80+ Year Old B2B Brand Into The Digital Space

Client Stories | Wide Wind

Our Part In Changing the Death Care Industry

A clients of ours, who is an innovative startup in the death care industry, partnered with us to revolutionize their digital presence. The outcome? A staggering 10X increase in organic search traffic, a brand evolution that now spearheads a nationwide movement, and a website reimagined to captivate and engage at extraordinary levels.

A Digital Revolution in Death Care

Our full-scale marketing services cover the board, giving you the brand and user experience your customers and stakeholders deserve, data-driven outreach and decision-making that drives revenue, and marketing automation systems that guarantee you don’t miss a beat. Whether it’s just general SEO, website design or a complete marketing solution for your business, Wide Wind has brands covered, big and small.

Skyrocketing Organic Traffic

We embarked on an ambitious SEO campaign that multiplied their organic search traffic by ten. This wasn’t just a boost; it was a digital explosion, greatly expanding their organic search presence within the industry.

Branding Turned Movement

Our strategy went beyond traditional branding. We collaborated deeply with their internal team and transformed their brand into a dynamic, resonant identity that became the heartbeat of a nationwide movement. It’s more than a brand; it’s a banner under which industry change is being galvanized.

Website Design and Development

The client’s website was not just designed; it was meticulously crafted to be an epicenter of engagement. The result? Engagement rates soared above 90%, turning their website into a hub of interaction and connection.

Client Stories | Wide Wind

Digital Marketing Success In Healthcare

Embarking on a groundbreaking journey, one of our esteemed clients in the medical sector teamed up with Wide Wind to redefine what success looks like in digital marketing. This collaboration is a vibrant showcase of how our innovative strategies and digital expertise can create ripple effects of success in specialized and demanding industries.

Skyrocketing Google Ads Success

Our client witnessed a monumental 1100% Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) in their Google Ads campaigns, a figure that transcends ordinary growth benchmarks. This was achieved through our rigorous optimization of ad targeting, messaging, and bidding. We didn’t just nudge the needle; we moved mountains, propelling our client’s ROAS well beyond what was seen before.

Website Redesign: A Catalyst for Unmatched Engagement

Post our comprehensive redesign of their website, the client saw their engagement rates soar beyond 90%. This phenomenal increase wasn’t a stroke of luck but the fruit of our labor-intensive, strategy-driven approach. We reimagined their website as a digital sanctuary that’s inviting, informative, and irresistibly engaging. By tailoring the design to the user’s needs and desires, we turned their website into a digital powerhouse, a beacon of information in the medical community.

Client Stories | Wide Wind

Bringing An 80+ Year Old B2B Brand Into The Digital Space The RIght Way

In a dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation, Wide Wind embarked on a transformative journey with a client steeped in 80 years of history in the packaging manufacturing and distribution industry. This venture is a compelling narrative of how enduring businesses can leap into the digital age, achieving remarkable results through strategic digital marketing.

Website Redesign: Transforming Digital Interaction

Our first endeavor was the complete overhaul of their lead gen division’s website. We elevated the user engagement rates to an astounding 95%, significantly enhancing conversion rates. This strategic redesign shifted the website from a mere digital brochure to an engaging, conversion-oriented platform, making every visitor interaction a step towards a potential business lead.

Email Marketing: Catalyzing E-commerce Growth

In the e-commerce arm of their business, we introduced an advanced email nurture automation strategy. This move revolutionized their revenue generation from email marketing, witnessing a staggering 150% increase. Our targeted, automated email campaigns nurtured potential leads effectively, guiding them through a refined sales funnel towards successful transactions.

Google Ads Campaigns: Fueling Lead Generation

The clients company division focused on lead generation experienced an extraordinary 400% increase in lead gen, propelled by our expertly managed Google Ads campaigns. More impressively, these campaigns achieved an exceptional conversion rate of over 7%, underscoring the precision and effectiveness of our targeted advertising approach.